About the Exercises for Grades 5-6

Here are more advanced Math, Measurement and Geometry problems. This tutorial contains over 800 practice exercises and lessons in the following topics:
  • Unit I. Place Values
    Ones, Thousands, Millions, Comparing / Ordering Whole Numbers, Rounding Whole Numbers, Decimal Place Values, Comparing / Ordering Decimals, Rounding Decimals.
    • Unit II. Addition / Subtraction
      Addition / Subtraction Properties, Estimate Whole Numbers Sums, Adding Whole Numbers, Subtracting Whole Numbers, Estimate Decimal Sum / Difference, Adding Decimal, Subtracting Decimal.
      • Unit III. Multiplication
        Multiplication Properties, Special Products, Estimate Products by Rounding, Multiply by One-Digit Numbers, Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers, Multiply by Large Numbers.
        • Unit IV. Division
          Estimating Quotients, Dividing by One-Digit Numbers, Zeros in Quotient, Dividing by Two - Digit Numbers, Dividing by Three - Digit Numbers, Finding Averages.
          • Unit V. Products Multiplication Decimals
            Products, Mental Mathematics, Multiply by Whole Numbers, Multiply Decimals, Zeros in Product.
            • Unit VI. Division Decimals
              Mental Mathematics, Divide by Whole Numbers.
              • Unit VII. Geometry
                Lines, Angles and their Measurements, Polygons, Triangles, Angles in Triangle, Quadrilateral, Circles, Congruent Figures and Motion, Symmetry, Similarity, Solid Figures.
                • Unit VIII. Measurements
                  Units of length - m and km, Units of length - m, cm, and mm, Units of Mass - g and kg, Units of Capacity - mL and L, Metric System and Conversions, Units of Temperature - Degree.
                  • Unit IX. Customary Measurements
                    Units of Length - in, ft, yd, mi, Parts of an Inch, Units of Weight - oz, lb, ton, Units of Capacity, Time, Temperature - Degrees Fahrenheit.

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