About the Exercises for Grades 3-4

Continue with Math, Money Values, Time and Geometry. This tutorial contains over 800 practice exercises and lessons in the following topics:
  • Unit I. Additions and Subtractions Using Facts
    Additions, Additions - Doubles, Addition - Order and Zero, Addition - Grouping Addends, Subtraction - Counting back and Counting Up, Subtraction - Sames and Zeors, Connecting Addition and Subtraction, Addition and Subtraction - Fact Families, Addition and Subtraction - Fact Families, Addition and Subtraction - Missing Addends, Choosing Addition or Subtraction
  • Unit II. Place Values and Numbers Sense
    Place Values, Even and Odd numbers, Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, Estimation: Rounding to the Nearest Hundred, Comparing and Ordering to Ten Thousand, Numbers to Hundred Thousands, Ordinal Numbers.
  • Unit III. Add and Subtract 2-Digit Numbers
    Adding 2 - Digit Numbers, Adding more than 2 Addends, Subtracting 2 - Digit Numbers, Zeros in Subtraction, Estimating - Sums and Differences.
  • Unit IV. Add and Subtract 3-Digit Numbers
    Adding 3 Digit Numbers, Estimating the Sum, Subtracting 3 Digit Numbers, Subtract Using Regrouping, Subtracting Across Zeros, Estimating the Difference.
  • Unit V. Time and Money
    Time - Minutes and Hours, Time - After the Hour, Schedule, Calendar, Money - Counting coins, Money - Counting Bills and Coins, Compare Amounts of Money.
  • Unit VI. Multiplication using 0 to 9 as factors -- Facts
    Connecting Additions and Multiplications, Multiplying on the Number Line, Multiply using 2 as a Factor, Multiply using 3 as a Factor, Multiply using 4 as a Factor, Multiply using 5 as a Factor, Multiply using 0 and 1 as a Factor, Multiply using 6 as a Factor, Multiply using 7 as a Factor, Multiply using 8 as a Factor, Multiply using 9 as a Factor.
  • Unit VII. Division using 0 - 9 as divisors
    Division, Connecting Multiplication and Division, Dividing by 0 and 1, Dividing by 2, Dividing by 3, Dividing by 4, Dividing by 5, Dividing by 6, Dividing by 7, Dividing by 8, Dividing by 9.
  • Unit VIII. Geometry
    Solid figures, Plane Figures, Polygons.
  • Unit IX. Fractions
    Fractions, Part of a group, Finding parts of a group, Equivalent Fractions, Comparing Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Addition and Subtraction of Like Fractions.
  • Unit X. Decimals
    Tenths, Hundredths, Greater than One, Comparing with decimals, Adding with decimals, Subtracting with decimals.

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